‘Spoonievision’ – our latest appeal project for WWT lands in UK

An appeal by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) to save the world's rarest wading bird – the spoon-billed sandpiper (or 'spoonie') – from extinction is our latest project to go live. The appeal for donations to save the spoonie is the third WWT appeal that Ian has been involved with in the past year, and the first collaboration he's undertaken with designer Claire Hartley.


The Non-Marketers Playbook: Ian to pen regular feature for ABR

Financial planning business title Adviser Business Review (ABR) has invited its readers to take part in an online poll to decide the topics that will be covered in a new regular feature to be penned by New Tradition’s Ian Thomas. Despite already publishing topical insights from leading marketing p…

Long Read

To create an online financial advice brand, become a follower of fashion

Instead of designing services based on what other financial services brands already do, businesses intent on building an online advice brand should seek inspiration beyond the industry's boundaries.


Monocle’s Soft Power Survey 2013

Monocle’s published it’s fourth annual Soft Power Survey - a topic that’s fascinated me ever since I listened to Professor Joseph Nye speak on the topic at the RSA in London in 2011 — and Germany’s toppled the UK from its top spot. Produced in conjunction with the Institute for Government, Monocle’s…


Executive pay excesses spark Swiss movement

Interesting movement emerging in Switzerland — according to this report by Reuters — where campaigners are calling for a pay ratio of 1:12 between lowest-paid workers and top execs. That’s the kind of ambition that’s hard to argue with.


The kind of unspun Papal spin that couldn’t be spun by PR spinners

A piece from The Guardian today that caught my eye: journalist Jonathan Jones claims Pope Francis ‘has renovated a damaged brand not in years, but months’. And how is this miracle being accomplished? Probably by not attempting to ‘renovate a damaged brand’. In fact, the universal truth lying at the heart of this epiphanic repositioning of Catholicism appears to rest in the final sentence of the article: ‘Do and say what you believe.’

Case Study

The Home Office

Working with Chris Nuelle, a designer at Bond and Coyne, the format draws heavily on the idea of ‘extraction’ of data — the process that samples obtained from crime scenes and individuals undergo via DNA analysis. Because it is deliberately simple in format, the design acts as a potential template for f…