Paraplanners Powwow

Paraplanners Powwow: An unforgettable professional gathering

Last week we fulfilled a big ambition and played a pivotal role in the successful staging of what we believe is the first professional unconference in UK financial services history: the Paraplanners Powwow. More than 70 paraplanners travelled to Aynho – on the North Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire border – and met in a teepee encampment to meet in rolling farmland under open skies. But the journey …

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Helping the RSA drive student ambition

Over the past year, we’ve been back in the classroom at the North Oxfordshire Academy — in nearby Banbury — to support an initiative set up by local Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA). RSA Driving Ambition is a project designed to encourage ‘the diversity of skills and experience within the Fellowship and …

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Ian confirmed as speaker at TEDxCheltenham

We’re really pleased to say that New Tradition’s Ian Thomas has been confirmed as a speaker for TEDxCheltenham in October. He will join an impressive range of speakers including Professor Tanya Byron, chef Rob Rees and Sir John Whitmore at the independently organised TED event being held on 20 October 2012. Ian will be talking about technology’s influence …

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Royal Ascot

Conveying the challenges of contemporary policing

What’s involved in policing a major sporting event or investigating a murder or carrying out an anti-drugs operation? We’ve just completed a project for Thames Valley Police - the largest non-metropolitan police force in England and Wales — where we worked closely with senior investigators, local area commanders and assistant chief constables to create infographics that help convey the often …

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