Financial planning business title Adviser Business Review (ABR) has invited its readers to take part in an online poll to decide the topics that will be covered in a new regular feature to be penned by New Tradition’s Ian Thomas.

Despite already publishing topical insights from leading marketing practitioners ABR editor, Rob Kingsbury, wanted to try something new, different and practical.

But with its readership drawn primarily from leaders of small and medium-sized financial planning practices, Rob realised that dedicated marketing expertise is likely to be scarce within readers’ businesses.

From branding their business to content marketing, or from promotional design and print to PR, where does a non-marketer start?

So Rob invited Ian to suggest ways that ABR could help its readers navigate the marketing maze.

Ian suggested that, rather than second-guessing readers marketing concerns, ABR could invite them to set the agenda; voting on the marketing topics they wanted to get to grips with. Ian would then take on the task of tackling the topic that tops the poll.

The result would be a ‘playbook’ for non-marketing marketers.

In addition to publishing the latest thinking, ideas and tips gathered from experts that he talks to, Ian will create a practical step-by-step guide for each topic that will help ABR’s readers easily grips to with different marketing disciplines.

Over time, ABR aims to build up a comprehensive playbook combining a series of quick-start guides, which are backed up by in-depth interviews online, that readers can dip into whenever they need.

If you run an advice practice, ABR has opened its survey for entries today. To take part in the survey, just click this link: ABR’s Non-Marketers Playbook Survey.

Suggested topics listed in the survey include business identity and naming, email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing, as well as advertising, PR and direct mail. However, respondents are also invited to volunteers topics that they’d like Ian to cover.

The first Playbook feature will be published in January 2015 with the first comprehensive Playbook episode released in February 2015.

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